CADAF Talks at Lightbox

Here is a shot of myself alongside fellow Residency Unlimited artists during the Digital Art Fair at Lightbox this Saturday

May 3-5, 2019 CADAF

I am happy to announce The Cabinet of Johnny Paintstroke will be involved in a digital art fair from May 3-5 at Lightbox, as a part of Frieze in New York. Check out the link below for details and events.

April - June 2019, Residency Unlimited 

From April to June 2019 I will be in Brooklyn New York taking part in Residency Unlimited an artist residency program. I will be exploring New York, getting lost, taking in a lot of great art and food, as well as creating a new project. The project is titled "Entertainment for those who long to Travel the World." Follow along on Instagram for regular updates on the project.